Bistritz is State Champion, Girls finish 7th in an exciting day at the State Meet

Joe Bistritz ran a perfect race to become the first ever State Champion in CFXC history. Joe battled with local rival Ryan Adams of CVCA throughout the race until he broke away with 1,000 meters to go. Joe extended his lead and won by 15 seconds, the largest margin of victory in any race of the day. Joe finished in 15:44.37, the 5th fastest time in any division in Ohio.




CFXC Girls team finished 7th in the Division 2 race. The Girls ran the fastest team average time (19:55) in any official meet, including the State Meet, in CFXC History. Annie Zimmer ran a School Record of 18:46.10 finishing as the Top Freshman in Division 2 and the 4th fastest freshman in all divisions. Seniors Allie Dustin and Anne Moyse cap their careers with the best team finish for CFXC since 2005 (3rd), beating their past 2011 (12th) and 2012 (14th) teams.

The Girls team was 7th at the 1 Mile, 2 Mile and 5k Finish, netting a total of 30 individual passes throughout the race to protect and earn their place.

The Girls team finished 7th amongst the best XC programs in Ohio. The Girls Top 5 ran an average of 19:55 and Top 7 ran an average of 20:17. The Top 5 was spread by 1:57 and the Top 7 was spread by 2:37. The Girls finish the season 76-8 in Division 2 competition with a 90% winning percentage.

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Girls Top 7

18:46 - Zimmer (7th, All-Ohio)
19:25 - Deruytter
20:11 - Moyse
20:32 - Dustin
20:43 - Owen 
21:10 - Lurch
21:23 - Lowe


15:44 - Bistritz (1st, State Champion)

"A" Goals


"B" Goals

Deruytter - B Goal 20:00 - Result 19:25
Lowe - B Goal 21:25 - Result 21:23
Zimmer - B Goal 19:28 - Result 18:46

Personal Records

Girls - None

Boys - None

Non-Polo Fields Personal Records (Official Meets)

Deruytter - 19:25
Moyse - 20:11
Owen - 20:43
Zimmer - 18:46