CFXC Tigers Pump It Up at Polo Fields!

The CFXC Girls and Boys ran an intersquad meet at the Polo Fields. The Girls and Boys ran 33 total PRs!

The Parents pitched in for an AWESOME pancake breakfast enjoyed by all. Thanks!!!

CFXC Girls Results

CFXC Boys Results

Top 7
Girls: Clark, Lechman, Hoelzel, J. Shoaf, Stinson, Daugherty, O'Malley
Boys: Sadowski, Taber, Feeney, Longo, Partain, Wirbel, Freese

Personal Records
Girls: Avery, Daugherty, Goodin, Heater, Hoelzel, Larkin, Laws, Lechman, J. Shoaf, Stinson, Stotter
Boys: Asplin, Baker, Barone, Bazzone, Bourne, Brady, Feeney, Freese, Goodwin, P. Gordos, Insolia, Joyce, Kilby, Longo, Mitchell, Partain, Rust, Sadowski, Schumacher, Singer, Taber, Taylor, Tutkovics, White, Wirbel

A Goals
Girls: J. Shoaf, Stinson
Boys: Sadowski

B Goals
Girls: Laws, J. Shoaf, Stinson
Boys: Feeney, Freese, Goodwin, Insolia, Joyce, Kilby, Sadowski, Schumacher, Singer White