Offseason Strength | Phase 1

Did you know that your Winter Offseason is longer than your Summer Offseason?

After Thanksgiving, you have roughly 16 weeks until Track season. What will you do with your Winter? It's the perfect time to prepare for a great Track season and an even better XC season next year. We know that the majority of you will participate in a winter sport OR winter conditioning, and that is the first step toward becoming a better runner and athlete.

The next step is committing a small amount of time to a General Strength Routine. The strength that you will build by doing this routine for 10 minutes 3-4 times per week for two weeks will be the foundation for future gains.

You will significantly decrease your chance of a setback and you will enhance your ability to handle more miles and a higher level of training in the future.


General Strength Preparation

Some of you may have six-pack abs, some of you may never have completed a sit-up in your life… either way, it's OK. There are many other muscles, tendons and ligaments that are active while running that most runners forget to exercise. These muscles and muscle groups help you balance, stabilize and maintain good form in the toughest parts of races. So, we'll address those muscle groups and get them firing in our first two weeks of General Strength Preparation.

The routine only takes 10 minutes and it's fairly easy. You will feel uncoordinated the first few times you do it, but it will become more natural and by the end of two weeks, you'll be ready to take it up a notch.


Plank (Regular, Side, Side, Belly Up) each x 20s
Clams 10x each leg
Jane Fondas 4x Regular, 4x Toe Down, 4x Toe Up each leg
Donkey Kicks 10x each leg
Donkey Whips 5x each leg
Fire Hydrants 10x each leg
Knee Circles 10x forward / 10x backward each leg
Hurdle Trail Leg Forward 10x each leg
Hurdle Trail Leg Backward 10x each leg
Wall Facing Leg Swing 10x each leg
Forward Leg Swing 10x each leg
Forward Bent Leg Swing 10x each leg