Why does running form matter? Read, learn and watch!

Boys and Girls,

Running form matters. It's why we do our core routine and why we will introduce stretching and strengthening routines before we enter the competitive season. Next week, we will partner up and complete 8 simple exercises that will allow everyone to assess their strengths and weakness in their stride. After that, each runner will receive a simple set of exercises that will be designed to improve your form.

Improving your running form will not make you faster, it will keep you healthy. If you are healthy, you can train... consistent training does make you faster!!!
When you run, your body goes through the motions that it finds to be the easiest, not necessarily the most efficient. If you are not being efficient with your stride, you are wasting energy which leads to fatigue and eventually a very painful finish of your race. You may also be running with a pattern that allows some muscles to engage and others to relax, which causes imbalances. You may not feel it right away, but those muscles that are working are doing so double-time. They are compensating for a weakness and this relationship will eventually manifest itself as tightness, a strain, a pull or an injury.

There is no perfect form, but everyone aspires to it.
If you watched distance the Olympics you likely saw East Africans with gigantic, smooth strides... that must be perfect, right? Not necessarily. Every runner has their own groove. That being said, it is important to make sure every runner is running in a way that will allow him or her to run best. Flexibility allows a muscle to move through an appropriate range of motion. Strength allows the muscle to move that that range of motion in a way that generates power. Core strength allows all motions to be balanced and controlled. Form is the connection of flexibility, strength and core stability.

An extra 15 minutes!!?!!
Yes, we will spend an extra 15 minutes at the end of practice working on flexibility, strength and stability. 15 minutes a day may add up to 12 extra hours of work by the end of the season... that's a lot of work! Now, I ask you this question: Would you rather spend 12 hours improving your form or 12 days sitting on the sidelines while your teammates reach their goals?

The bottom line is that a little extra work goes a long way, your form does matter. If you don't believe me, just watch our friends in this video...